Bicycle Program Elf Roles

Bike Assembler Elves

NOTE: Includes tasks such as assembling bikes, airing up tires, performing safety checks, and cleaning up the assembly area. Not all tasks are available at all times and Elves may be asked to help with any of the above tasks as needed.

Bike assembly uses a team / assembly line approach, depending on the number of Elves present. Elves may bring their own tools or use those provided by us. Team-building groups may progress from one stage of assembly to the next such that within a couple of hours even a novice can assemble typical bicycles expertly.

Adequate numbers of skilled team leaders and quality control personnel will be involved to ensure that finished bicycles are safe to ride when delivered to children.

Meet and Greet Elves

Meet and greet Elves will sign-in and orient incoming Elves, direct them to the training areas and, upon completion of training, direct them to the appropriate work areas. When the number of incoming Elves is small, these folks may participate in other activities.

Medical Elves

A small number of skilled medical personnel are needed onsite during each evening and daytime assembly date to assist with medical emergencies and first-aid. Doctors, nurses, paramedics or Emergency Medical Services personnel may fulfill these roles. During the work period these personnel may participate in other roles, as the medical and first-aid needs are likely be limited.

General Support Elves

Many different roles are required on an as-needed basis, ranging from going to a store to procure needed items, or moving boxed bicycles to providing assistance to other support personnel when the number of Elves is especially high.

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