Bicycle Program FAQs

Bicycle Program

Over 4,000 Elves were involved in the 2014 Elves & More Bicycle Program. Thanks to your generous donations, we assembled and delivered 10,000 bicycles to change the lives of children.

Half our Elves are children, aged 9 and up. At or above that age, children can be taught to build bikes. By taking them on the bike delivery, you'll enrich their lives for a lifetime by making them appreciate what they have and, more importantly, by showing them that others less fortunate than they are need their help in life.

Bike Assembly is Simple

Bike assembly is the largest part of our Bicycle Program, and over 85% of the Elves work on bikes.

Assembly is easy: attach a front wheel, put on the seat, add two pedals, attach the handlebars, then air up the tires. That's it. Simple. No chains to deal with, no speed gears, no hand brakes. Skilled bike assemblers will be present to assist with bike assembly.

To assist in teaching people how to assemble bikes properly, skilled supervisory personnel will organize and operate team-building programs where each person does a small part of the overall work then, after mastering that part, progresses through each of the other positions until bike assembly is mastered. Skilled observers will also be available to guide and oversee those who wish to assemble bikes one-bike-at-a-time. We have two goals: To make the work fun, and to ensure that every bike which ultimately leaves our facility is safe for a child to ride when it arrives.

How do I sign up a corporate group to assemble bikes?

Group registration is available to sponsors. Members of the group sign up individually on a special link once the sponsorship donation has been received. To become a 2014 Elves & More sponsor, please contact Rebecca.

How do I sign up a group to assemble bikes?

Group registration is not necessary. Each group leader should talk to their group and suggest a build day and time. Each individual will then sign in and make a donation and receive their individual receipts and waivers to bring with them to NRG Center (formerly Reliant Center).

Where does work take place?

Thanks to the generosity of NRG Park, we will conduct the Bicycle Program at NRG Center (formerly Reliant Center)again this year. NRG Center is located at 8400 Kirby Drive at McNee, one mile north of I-610. Halls C and D are located at the west end of the center. All Elves should enter through the North Stadium Drive entrance to NRG Center.

Click here to see an interactive area map.


All parking fees have been eliminated by NRG Park (formerly Reliant Center), just tell the parking lot attendant at the gate you are an Elves & More Elf and they will direct you as to where to park.


Elves may bring their own tools or work with the tools we provide. If you have your own tools, bike assembly requires: 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, and 15mm wrenches, a 6mm Allen wrench (for some models), a #2 Phillips head screwdriver, and a pair of scissors or other tool to cut bindings on the packaging.

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