Bicycle Program Overview

Elves & More's efforts are focused on changing lives - one bike at a time.

Here's a glimpse into the Elves & More 2015 Bicycle Program:

          A Christmas unlike any you've ever seen: EXCITING!

          A participation experience like no other: MASSIVE & PERSONAL!

          A gift much bigger than it seems: PLANTING SEEDS OF HOPE!

          A plan that reaches farther than every other: 10,000 CHILDREN!

A Christmas unlike any you've ever seen: EXCITING!

Visualize 10,000 brand-new bicycles loaded into more than 100 large trucks and delivered to 10,000 underprivileged children.

Go and help deliver the bikes and listen and learn what the children achieved to ‘earn” their bike.

One student at Hartman Middle School in 2010 wrote and said “Thank you for the bicycle. This inspired me a lot to pick up my grade in Science. Passing with a 93. Thank you”

A participation experience like no other: MASSIVE & PERSONAL:

It doesn't stop there. Consider these experiences of our Elves & More Elves:

Many come down to NRG Park (formerly Reliant Center) and build a bike. Some write a check and never build. Some help load the bikes and others help deliver. Everyone gets something out of it and many end up getting a lot more than they thought. We have one family that returns year after year and say “Christmas just would not be Christmas with Elves & More”.

Elves & More Elves will number more than 5,000 from every walk of life: Companies will bring their executives and employees, families will bring their children (half of our Elves are children). Troop leaders will bring their scouts. Biking clubs will recruit their members; churches their congregations; youth organizations their teens. And scores of people will simply walk in off the street, after hearing about the program on television or radio or via the Internet. You can join them by signing up here.

A gift much bigger than it seems: PLANTING SEEDS OF HOPE!

Underprivileged children prefer bicycles over every other gift. Although bikes may seem to be just toys, for these children they are even more important than that, they are essential transportation, for bicycles give children the freedom and flexibility to go places: to participate in positive after-school activities, to go to the library and get on the Internet, or (for teens) to take a part-time job and help make a better life for their families.

With a bike a child can escape, even if for a little while, and dream new dreams, then take the first steps to go after them. One of our donors remembers growing up in Louisiana and getting on his bike and imagining he was Steve McQueen!

With a bike, that child can also join programs where Mentors will form the "training wheels" of their lives, guiding them in the right direction, hopefully all the way to college!

A plan that reaches farther than every other: 100,000+ CHILDREN!

Through 2014 on a cumulative basis, Elves & More will have given bicycles to more than 140,000 children in Greater Houston. We are more than one quarter of the way toward reaching the 330,000 underprivileged children in the Houston Metropolitan Area! Our goal is to reach every one of them at least once in their childhood.

Without help, most of the children receive little or nothing at all for Christmas, year after year. With a sustained program of our scale, if only once in his / her childhood, we have the chance to say to each child: "Someone does care; WE DO!"

Much money needs to be raised from the community, from people like you who want to make a difference. We'll need every cent you can provide to make this happen. Register to participate in the Bicycle Program.

Come and help us in 2015. Help show others the true meaning of community. It could change your life.

Where We'll Deliver the Bikes

In general, our deliveries will occur within an area bounded by Conroe in the North, to Galveston in the South, to Pasadena in the east and Katy in the west, in Harris County, Montgomery County, Fort Bend County, Galveston County, Liberty County, Waller County, and Chambers County. In this area, out of the 5 million inhabitants, 330,000 children are living below the Poverty Line.

We work with schools in the various Independent School Districts to ensure the children achieve something and learn a valuable life lesson-reward for effort! The bike is earned by them and given at Christmas, a double gift, their pride in their achievement and their pride in their bicycle.

Thank you for your support of the kids!

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