Founders Message

Helping Children - One Bike at a Time

As our long-term supporters know, we've continually changed the way we describe our efforts, while continuing the same important work. Our latest description is "changing lives-one bike at a time."

What does that mean? In short: 1. At-risk children, 2. Education,
3. Intervention, 4. Health.

First, we're helping at-risk children, the ones from the lowest-income families. Most live their entire lives in poverty, and grow up to have children of their own who live in poverty, too. There are 330,000 of these children in Greater Houston.

Second, we're helping these children get their educations. Teachers now use our bikes as powerful "contract" incentives to get children to come to school more regularly, to improve their grades, and to behave well in class, all before they get their bikes.

Third, once children get their bikes, they have the basic transportation they need to engage in mentored activities like sports and tutoring they couldn't reach by walking. Mentored programs are essential to intervention: helping children avoid drugs and stay away from gangs and crime. Caring mentors also encourage kids to stay in school to graduation and teach them life skills and values.

Finally, with bikes children can get up and get out. They can ride their way to improved health and fitness, in the process avoiding the devastation of childhood obesity.

All these things are necessary for children of low-income families to escape the bonds of poverty and succeed in life.

These are huge returns for the small investment of a bike.

Changing lives-one bike at a time!

Be a part of it this year.

Thank you for supporting the children we serve.

David L. Moore

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