Core Team


Alan has been an Elves & More volunteer for two years. Alan also volunteers with the Lance Armstrong Foundation and enjoys running, fishing, and kayaking.


Amanda has been an Elves & More volunteer for two years and brings a real attitude of "just get it done" to the team. She can be found doing whatever needs to be done, from helping volunteers to breaking down boxes and restocking the drink stations. Amanda enjoys camping, fishing, kayaking ...really anything outdoors.


Bob has been an Elves & More volunteer since 2003. During the annual bike build, he enjoys greeting the volunteers and introducing them to Elves & More through the video. Bob loves doing anything he can for Elves & More. When not working with Elves & More, Bob enjoys spending time with his family, fulfilling his Church activities, riding bicycles, walking his dogs, swimming and other volunteer activity.


Brittany got involved with the Elves & More bike build years ago, recently got involved with the gala, and for the past two years has been on the core team throughout the year. She loves to see smiles on kids faces!


Chris has been building and delivering bikes with Elves and more since 2004. Chris is an avid cyclist, a member of the United Airlines Cycling Team (formally Continental Airlines Cycling Team), and is a pilot for United Airlines. Chris is married with two great kids who always enjoy helping with Elves and More. Chris is also very active in the Boy Scouts and has been a Scout Leader for the past 10 years.


Chris has been an Elves & More volunteer since 2003. hris is an avid cyclist and rides. His wonderful wife Amy and two teenage daughters, Lindsey and Lauren, keep Chris busy the rest of the time.


Debbie has been with Elves & More since 2004 and enjoys volunteering and promoting any event that raises money for them. Also a core member of the Continental Airlines Cycling team that helps many charitable groups in Houston.


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