Elves & More's Mission

Elves & More is dedicated to "changing lives-one bike at a time!" We focus on at-risk children living in Greater Houston, an eight-county area in which 330,000 children live in poverty.

A few years ago, we made an important discovery. We learned that by giving bicycles to impoverished children we could dramatically change their lives by helping them stay in school and out of trouble while improving their health.

First, working with school administrators, bicycles are used as incentives for children to achieve.

Second, once a child earns a bicycle, that child's life options expand dramatically.

Third, by getting out of their neighborhoods and into mentored after-school programs, children are more likely to stay in school and stay out of trouble:

Using bicycles as tools, Elves & More helps children stay in school all the way to graduation, and helps children stay out of harm's way along their journey.

Bicycles are powerful instruments of change. They empower children and they enable the precious few mentors and other change agents in each community to leverage their work across many more children.

Bicycles change lives!

Thank you for your support of the children we serve.

David L. Moore
Founder & President

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